About The Chefs

Cocina Milonga empanada display

From Our Family to Yours

Our dream began years ago in Medellin, Colombia. Countless amounts of afternoons were spent tossing ideas back and forth on how to make quality food while still incorporating our roots. Lots of laughter and many cups of coffee later, our dreams started to become a reality with the creation of COCINA MILONGA.

Our company is dedicated to offering the best products made with local and natural ingredients combined with family traditions and recipes. We also drive from our own experiences behind worktables, ovens and stoves in France, Argentina, Colombia and California that gives us the opportunity to create new combinations of flavors. We now offer local delivery and fulfill orders to wholesale accounts. Place your order today!


Our Partners


Lolita's Bakery

Delicious, hand crafted, artisanal and traditional Argentinian pastries, alfajores, and more baked fresh at our South City location!
Lolita's story began back in Córdoba, Argentina where the owner and baker Silvia, her brother Raul (one of Cocina Milonga's owners), and the rest of their family helped run their mom, Lolita's, bakery.
You can find her mouth watering pastries and desserts in our South City location and at her own store front in Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo (second story next to Macy's) every Friday-Sunday.

Proyecto Diaz coffee

Proyecto Diaz Coffee

Brewing locally in San Leandro but originating from Oaxaca, Mexico, Fernando and the whole Diaz family are caffeinated with a purpose: Giving back to the small scale coffee farms they work with all over the world with the goal of coffee farming becoming a sustainable livelihood for all involved. With an array of different flavors from different farms, Proyecto Diaz is the way to go for a delicious coffee fix.
You can come by our South City shop for a delicious cup of Proyecto Diaz coffee or to take a bag to brew at home!

Mutari Chocolate

Mutari Chocolate

Chocolate obsessed? We've got you covered. Sipping Chocolate made with Mutari Chocolate pills and steamed with milk of choice makes for an unforgettable cup of rich hot chocolate.


Milonga Art
What is milonga?

"La Milonga es la madre del tango" 
Milonga is a dance genre originating in Rio de la Plata in Argentina. Similar to tango with a few distinct differences: Being of a quicker pace, movement is faster with less pauses in dance moves overall. No room for mistakes. A philosophy we live by here in our kitchen. All of our flavors dance together in perfect harmony, complementing each other in the best way. Come see for yourself!

Empanadas Argentinas
What is an empanada?
Yerba Mate
What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate, a traditional green tea native to Argentina, is an excellent source of energy filled with antioxidants meant to keep you going all day long. 
Long lasting, clean caffeine that won't give you jitters, Yerba Mate has been an alternative to coffee and energy drinks for years. Enjoy hot, iced, or with milk for a delicious and earthy experience.

Water Kefir
What is water kefir?

Don't like kombucha but want to be part of the probiotic hype? Water kefir is the drink for you! A fermented drink made up of water and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast with added flavor of fermented seasonal fruit like strawberry shrub, blackberry, peach, and more!
You can find bottled kefir and kefir by the glass with seasonal fermented fruit at our South City location! Or go directly to the source and find your kefir at the Napa farmers market on Saturdays and Tuesdays.